Frequently Asked Questions

I have not booked yet

The reservation must be made at least 8 hours in advance. However, for your safety, it is advisable to do it 24 hours in advance so there are no availability problems.

Exceptionally, and depending on our availability, we can accept last minute bookings less than 8 hours before the transfer, but this need to contact us by phone to confirm availability before booking.

No. Only private transfers, meaning that the contracted service is exclusive for you and the person or number of persons specified in the reservation.

The luggage that you can carry depends on vehicle size. In a Taxi you can carry up to 6 suitcases plus hand luggage. In a Minibus you can carry up to 16 suitcases plus hand luggage.

Safety is a priority for us. Therefore, we have all the necessary elements to offer a service with full guarantees passengers minors. Do not forget when you make your reservation taxi tell if you need a child seat or booster. Request without obligation. It does not involve any additional cost.

Babies (0-2 years) and children (2-11) count as passengers in all vehicles because they occupy a place. The rules do not permit taking children sitting on adults during the trip.

When completing your booking we will indicate what is the approximate length of the service you want to hire so you can assess whether it fits your needs and / or availability.

I made the reservation

Sometimes it may be that your mail server confuse our e-mails as spam and not see them, if you checked your spam and not send an e-mail so we can send a copy of the book.

Remember that you can always access your reservation on "My Booking" with your email address and whether PENDING or CONFIRMED.

Now I`m at the airport

In Palma Airport, the driver will be waiting at the Meeting Point, in front of the door "C" in the center of the main hall of the airport terminal. The driver will carry a sign with the name of the person indicated on the reservation.

In the port of Palma, our staff await your arrival at the Meeting Point, located off of the Maritime Terminal where there are docked cruise or ferry. The driver will carry a sign with the name of the person indicated on the reservation.

If you do not find the driver at the meeting point, call any of the phone that are listed in the reserve and will help immediately.

Our staff monitors all flights Palma de Mallorca. If your flight is delayed do not worry, we will send the car once your flight has landed. You only have to contact us if your flight has been canceled so that we know what flight he has been assigned.

Of course. If your departure time has changed but no flight number, you do not need to notify us because we monitored all flights Palma de Mallorca. We will be waiting at the meeting point once you land. In case your flight is rescheduled and the number is essential that contact us via e-mail or telephone.

If your flight has been canceled it is essential notify us via e-mail or telephone (if desired, may do so by sending an SMS message or WhatsApp). Do not forget to tell us the new flight number and arrival time so that we can come to pick you up.

Back to the airport

All our vehicles come always on time to the collection point, but sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control due to a supervening event which might affect the movement of vehicles.

The Taxi will be on the date and time indicated on the voucher in the same place where they were moved in the outward journey. If it is a Hotel, the collection will be at the front door. If it is a private home, we pick you up on the street and number on the reservation.

Pick up time is already confirmed in the voucher, but if you wish you can contact by sending an e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp message requesting confirmation of the departure time.

You can book return trip, whenever you want, on our website.

You can also bo.ok a return trip by phone, email or SMS or WhatsApp message if you have already made a reservation with us. By having all your data will be easier to adapt to their needs

You can make a reservation by sending an SMS or WhatsApp message with your name and e-mail if you have already booked with us so we can send a vehicle to the same address. Just tell us the date and time of collection.

I`m back from my trip

Your opinion is important to help us improve our service. It is therefore important to let us know how we`re doing. You can send your comments, complaints or suggestions to

If you have forgotten something in one of our vehicles must inform us so that we can quickly locate and deliver it as soon as possible. Please note that our vehicles continue to operate after its service. The longer it takes to notify us, the harder it will be to return the forgotten object.